Money Making Opportunities within Facebook Like and Google Plus One Button

At the beginning there was only Facebook Like button. Users able to share the things they like by just a simple click. It is a way to advertise and spread the news within Facebook community. This is why we often receive message from anonymous requesting for a click of Like. Later came Google Plus One button. Instead of having the Google Plus One button within social community network, Google extended the Plus One button to search engine and Adsense Ads. Both Facebook Like button and Google Plus One button has the basic function of advertising and spreading news. Google Plus One button even has the ability to affect search engine ranking of a site and the relevancy of an Adsense Ads. This eventually makes the click of Google Plus One button much more valuable than the click of Facebook Like button.

When values are placed on the clicks, it will be priced. When there is price on the clicks, people starts to buy and sell clicks. Advertisers need those clicks badly and they will try to get as many clicks as possible. Everybody can click. If somebody is willing to pay for the clicks, people will gladly click for the money. When there is a demand and supply for clicks, business or money making opportunities arises.

One of the money making opportunities examples is RylcoLikes. The business idea is simple. The site basically just buys and sells clicks on Facebook Like. Advertisers who are looking for more clicks on Facebook Like can place an order. Facebook users who wish to make some money can sign up to sell some clicks. Although I’m not sure if the business is legitimate or if users really get paid, the business idea is there. It is up to the business creator to make it big, legitimate and accepted by the online community. And of cause the site has to be prepared and ready for any action coming from Facebook.

 P/S: Remember Napster who used to be illegal by sharing music peer-to-peer. Any ideas or business plan can become legal. You just have to find the right way to do it.




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