Money Making Opportunities with URL Shortening service Adfly

Money making opportunities at Adfly is simple. All you need to go is sign up and starts shorten links with Adfly. Instead of using the original links for your blog, social network, emails and other websites, use the shortened links. Ads will be shown before the shortened link loads. The more people click and see the ads, the more money you’ll make.

Adflyis not the first advertising company to use URL shortening service for advertisement. There are several websites that promoting the same advertising method. The difference betweenAdflyand other similar company is just the payout rate and the ability of the company to make this money making opportunities successful.

Sign up is FREE and it took less than five minutes to start making money, which is using the shortening links. You may use the shortening links any way you like but don’t spam. Basically you make money by every thousand ads you shown, which means your shortening links need to be click a thousand times. Publishers are paid according to the country which the ads shown, types of ads and nature of the clicks. According to the publisher rates presented, highest paid of $4.60 per thousand views is from US. In other words you need to focus on US visitors in order to maximize your earning. There is also the affiliate program which provides alternative money making opportunities for publishers. Publishers will be paid 20% of all the earnings generated by the referrals they bring in for life. The affiliate program sounds interesting but for the commissions to last for a life time, I’m not so sure that’s practical.

Payments are done via PayPal and AlertPay. Payment will be process on the first Monday of each month once minimum payout of $5 USD reached. In order to reach the minimum payout of $5 USD every month, you need to work on the shortened links to receive at least 5000 clicks every month. Plus you need to focus the traffic on US. 5000 clicks per month is not easy but achievable if you do it right. I would suggest using social network like Facebook and Twitter to promote attractive and interesting links.

P/S: Adfly is a new company. Let’s see if this money making opportunities can hold up long.



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3 Responses to “Money Making Opportunities with URL Shortening service Adfly”

  1. George says:

    I think it is good money making opportunity and I think that Adfly is already very popular for quite a while through many webmasters.

  2. Paracidic says:

    I actually found a site that uses at the root of its system for making money, but it’s fully automated instead of requiring you to manually post links. I’ve already received a payout. (Click my name above for more)

    Just FYI, isn’t really a “new” company. They’ve been around for over a year now, which is a lot longer than most internet ventures last.

  3. Lee says:

    I use Link Co they are the same as Adfly. But much higher payouts, they are paying out $7 per 1000 clicks easy money.