Money Making Opportunities with Ether by Providing Services

give advice money making opportunitiesMoney making opportunities at Ether is simple. Either you’re an accountant, an engineer, a blogger or an IT expert, you make money by providing advice over the phone or through email. Ether is a bit different from other similar website that I introduce before. Other similar service like WeRLive uses video chat to provide services. Ether in the other hand provides 1888 phone number to customers which set to forward calls to your actual phone number. The method used is a bit difference but both provide similar money making opportunities.

It’s free to sign up at Ether as a seller. There are no monthly fees, no setup fees and no connection fees. Ether makes money by taking 15% commission from the money you makes giving advice. The process is simple. Ether provides an 1888 phone number that is unique to you. This number is set to forward call either to you cell phone, home phone or whichever phone number you like as long as customers can reach you. You set your own rate either per minute or per call. You will also able to schedule the time and date which you’re available to pick up calls. Finally you setup your profile and the area of advice that you can provide. You can market your services on your business card, website or blog. You phone only rings when customers prepay your rate.

Ether is only available for customers and sellers who reside in US and Canada. The money make is in US dollars. You may choose to receive the money make either by check or direct deposit. Besides phone calls, you can also sell your services via email. You may set a price for emails that you send out. There is some information for example articles, photographs and programming code which are best communicates via email.

Money making opportunities provided by Ether is very convenient as all you need is a cell phone or a home phone to get started. Especially if you’re using a cell phone, you can basically make money anywhere you go. It’s much easier compare to video chatting as you need to sit in front of computer and get online. Best of all you don’t have to show your faces or give out your personal details to give advice.

P/S: I think this is suitable for those who like to talk long hour on phone giving advice.



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  1. George says:

    The website sounds really unique, I think I will sign up and try to promote my business this way. As an old rule contacting directly through phone call is a good way for marketing. I think to use 5Linx VOIP service and reduce the cost for the calls.