Money Making Opportunities via iPhone Apps

Smartphone related businesses are blooming as the number of smartphone users increases. Almost any businesses which related to smartphone are making profits. Judging from the data, statistics and analysis provided by Google, we will be seeing a huge increase of smartphone users by the end of this year. And the number will keep on increasing as lots of people around the world have not own a smartphone yet. I suppose this is reflected from the increase of smartphone browsers usage, number of smartphone apps downloaded and the increase budget of mobile advertising.

Judging from the situation explained, I’m thinking of participating in the design of iPhone apps. The minimum cost of developing and selling iPhone apps is $99 per year. We need to enroll into one of the programs for example IOS Developer Program in order to distribute the apps created on the App Store. All the design resources such as iPhone development kit and iPhone emulator can be obtained from the programs. There is also a developer forum which we can participate and search for solution when designing iPhone apps. I might also consider hiring freelancers to design the apps. Certain amount of cost and investment is needed in order to produce an iPhone app. The question is can I make a profit. How is the competition of selling iPhone apps? Can we compete with experience companies that specialize in creating iPhone apps? Well, I’ll just have to dive in and participate in the game to find out. I’m sure there are still rooms available for anybody to make money via iPhone apps design. We just have to do our research, be prepared and work hard for success.

There are basically two ways to make money via iPhone apps. I can either sell my iPhone apps creation for a price or I can give it out for free. Giving out iPhone apps for free will require an advertising company help to make money. Google Mobile Ads is the first thing that comes to my mind and should be the best advertising company available.

P/S: Current these are my plans and there are still much to consider. Please share if you have any experience in designing iPhone apps and able to make money out of it. Any advice or suggestion will be very much appreciated.



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