Money Making Opportunities or Traffic Opportunities at CMF Ads

money making opportunities trafficCMF Ads works just like the old EntreCard website but with opportunities of making money. The site focuses more on low cost but high value ads network. Users can become both publishers and advertisers at the same time. As a publisher, users can make money by selling 125×125 ads place on their blog or website. Widgets will be provided and users just have to decide the number of ads sold and location. Payments are done via PayPal and users will receive 90% of the cash out balance. As an advertiser, there are three types of advertisement to choose and they are Network Ads, Firework Ads and Campaign Ads. Network Ads start at $0.30 for 10,000 impressions. Firework Ads start at $1.00 for 50 unique clicks. Campaign Ads run for 30 days at a price set by publisher. By the way sign up is FREE.

Users can also make some money by joining the referral program. For every successful signups, you’ll receive 5% of the price they pay for a network ad. Some other money making opportunities at CMF Ads include clicking on Spike and Firework Ads. I have to say CMF Ads is more about advertising and driving traffic to your blog and website. You still can make money as a publisher but it’s definitely not worth the effort. It will be best to use the money earned for advertising. If you’re just sign up CMF Ads, take a look at the Balance as there are additional two zeros at the end of the amount. I suppose you get the message just by looking at the number.

P/S: Currently CMF Ads is holding a contest with five prizes of $5. In order to participate in the contest, you need to sign up and write a post about CMF Ads. Check out their blog for details if you’re interested.



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  1. Robert says:

    Sounds interesting and the price of the ads if high and the ads are small. I will check the website and probably the ads will appear on some of my blogs.