Money Making Opportunities Online with Conduit Community Toolbar

money making opportunities toolbarConduit is the fastest-growing network of Web and mobile app publishers, with over 260,000 members and their 230 million end-users. The Conduit Network empowers publishers – from global brands to independent developers – to create, exchange and distribute apps, and to collaborate through business partnerships.

The above is the description and about regarding Conduit. According to Conduit about page, the company has 4 offices, 200 employees, 3 registered US patents, 260 thousand web publishers, 230 million users, 23 new users every second, 2.14 billion monthly interactions across network, 223% growth in app adoption and deployed in 120 countries with more than 80 languages. The numbers looks impressive but it’s the toolbar which interest me the most. The money making opportunities which Conduit provides is all about the usage and customize toolbar. Sign up is free and basically you just have to create your own customized toolbar and promote the toolbar. You earn rewards credit each time a new user installs your community toolbar. In other words, the money making opportunities increases as more people install and uses your customized toolbar.  In addition you can earn rewards by adding monetized apps to your toolbar. You may find the apps by visiting the Conduit App Marketplace.

While trying to convince as many people as possible to install and use your customized toolbar, you need to be careful not to get yourself categorize as spam. Besides you need to target those who will be using the toolbar frequently and for a long period of time. One of the factors which determine the pay-per-install rate is the geographical distribution. I’m guessing you need to target users within US, UK, Canada and Australia which uses the toolbar daily for at least a year in order to maximize your earning.

The Conduit Affiliate Program also provides an alternative money making opportunities online for those who successfully brings in qualified publisher. Affiliates are paid between $10~$50 for every qualified publisher depending on the geographic location. The highest commission of $50 is paid for publishers from US, UK, Canada and Australia. So now you know who and where to target. Payments are done via PayPal or a Prepaid MasterCard twice per month. Minimum payout is $50.

As Conduit started to focus on Mobile Apps, you can start working on this area as this is going to be a huge market soon. Obviously there is a big difference between laptop users with the toolbar and mobile phone users with Mobile apps. If you can find out what users need in both of these areas and supply their needs, you’ll definitely make money. So the question is how I should design my toolbar or mobile apps to fulfill their needs.



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2 Responses to “Money Making Opportunities Online with Conduit Community Toolbar”

  1. Hi Kumo,

    Mobile Apps is something that I have not gotten into, but I realize it is probably the next big wave that has already started.
    Conduit is something that I am definitely going to check into.

    Lyle Holmes

  2. James says:

    For sure this is a market that will start expanding rapidly in the next few years. Not everybody have PC and internet at home, but all people around the world have mobile phones.