Money Making Opportunities Online on Facebook

If you’re a regular Facebook user who’s constantly login or keeps the page on every day, you’ll see lots of tagging activities selling dresses, shoes and other stuff. That is one of the most common money making opportunities online in Facebook. Mostly these kinds of money making opportunities or businesses focus on local customers. The nature of the business is similar with the old fashion offline business. Instead of renting a shop, the business uses Facebook as a platform to reach customers online. Once customers online see what they like, they can contact the business owner and place orders. Products will send out once payment received.

These types of money making opportunities online on Facebook are very popular. If you’re a Facebook user, you’ll see lots of similar tagged pictures trying to promote different kind of products. The advantage of running business on Facebook is low cost. You don’t need to rent a shop or stock up products. All you need is lots of time and effort promoting and gathering orders. Of cause you need to cover shipping, handing and customer service too. You still able to make some money but it won’t be easy. There are several requirements you need to fulfill in order to get this money making opportunities online success. First you need a whole lot of friends online either following your Facebook account or like your business Like Page. Preferable people who are interested in the products or service you’re going to sell. Second you need to provide good customer services. That means making your customers happy and satisfied. One of the simplest services is to reply any enquiry fast. You will be expecting lots of competition and the only way to win the business is providing satisfactory customer services.

Other than selling own products, you may also try other money making opportunities online like selling stock images, freelance services, affiliate ebooks, advertisement and many more. You may check out Opportunities page in this blog for alternative ways to make money on Facebook. Each and every money making opportunities in the page provides same chances of making money online on Facebook. You just have to find the right customers who are willing to pay for the products or services. If you’re able to gather a large group of people on Facebook who have the intention of purchasing the products or services, you’re half way towards reaching success. As a start you can check out Facebook pages of your competitors and take a look on how they run their business. You’ll find that most of them have at least three to five thousand friends in their Facebook account. Gathering that amount of people who are interested in a particular products or services is difficult but achievable.

If you’re just into making money on Facebook with much simpler way, try CloudCrowd. You’re getting paid by just completing simple easy work tasks. You’ll also make some money by referring other Facebook users to CloudCrowd too. A Facebook and PayPal account is required.



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  1. Roger says:

    I think it is becoming more and more difficult to do business on Facebook. It is becoming something similar to Myspace a couple of years ago. It is overpopulated with offers.