Money Making Opportunities Online from Google Consumer Surveys

Taking up surveys is one of the popular money making opportunities online which many people tried. Especially if you are staying in US, chances of taking up surveys are higher. If you own a blog or website, you now have the chance to make extra money by offering users to take up surveys on your site. Check out “Google Consumer Surveys: An additional way to monetize your site” from Google Inside AdSense for details. You are now able to make $0.05 or local equivalent for each answered question. That means you get to make a lot of money if lots of users opt to take up surveys from your site. Unfortunately Google Consumer Surveys is only available in US, UK and Canada. Google has plans to roll out this feature to other countries, but currently there is just not much information about it. Thus we just have to wait and see.

P/S: Again, there will be others trying to abuse this feature and trying to generate a lot of money out from it. Let’s just see how Google handles and manage it.



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