Money Making Opportunities Online for Music Artists at ReverbNation

music money making opportunities onlineReverbNation has couple of money making opportunities online available for music artists or musicians. Artists are able to make money from the revenue system provided by the site. 50% of the total ads revenue generated by artists’ pages will be given to artists who opted into the Fair Share Program. Artists will receive a portion of the 50% revenue based on their overall site activity. Although there isn’t any reference which suggest how much money an artist is able to earn, many artists are actually getting a nice paycheck every month. Please take note that artists might not be able to make a lot of money at the beginning stage. New artists are required to work on their page in order to gather fans and activities. Remember that ReverbNation pays according to number of fans and activities of the page. It is just the same as promoting own songs and publicity. Artists are just basically doing what they are supposed to with or without ReverbNation. But with ReverbNation, artists get paid. It is better to forget about the money that you can earn and instead focus on promoting your songs and reputation. Once you have gathered a lot of fans, you’ll start making money. Payments are done via PayPal. The minimum payout is $20.

The other money making opportunities online provided by ReverbNation is the StoreLink. Artists can include online retails outlets available in their page via StoreLink. Some of the online retail outlets include Napster, Amazon, iTunes, eMusic, Musictoday, Zazzle and many more. Artists are required to have an account with the particular online retail outlet if they wish to add the links or URLs on their page.



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