Money Making Opportunities Online by Selling Teaching Resources at Teachers Pay Teachers

My mom’s a teacher in secondary school and my dad’s a primary school principal. From the day that I was born until my parents retired from teaching, I never thought that teaching can really make a lot of money. Not until I saw the blog post title “Teacher Makes $1 Million Selling Lessons Plans Online” from Yahoo Small Business Advisor. Obviously you can’t really make a lot of money simply by just teaching. You have to create and sell effective teaching plans or system.

Teachers Pay Teachers is a site which allows teachers to sell teaching plans online. According to the blog post above, 43 year old kindergarten teacher Deanna Jump is able to make $1 million by selling her lesson plans. I was a bit surprise and thought that perhaps I might be able to do so by selling my parents teaching or lesson plans. But as I continue to read about how Deanna Jump is able to sell off her plans, I discover couple of reason which leads to her success. The first reason is clearly stated from below sentences with I quote from the blog post above.

“They’re well-designed. They are packed with highly creative, well thought out, effective activities for five year olds,” Edelman says. “And, she’s a great and savvy self-promoter and marketer of her materials.”

The second reason is that she has a popular blog about teaching that she uses to promote her lesson plans. The blog has more than 17000 followers and a perfect user rating of 4.0. Making money online becomes very easy once you are able to create a valuable useful product and able to target potential customers. So it is not about what you are selling and who do you sell it to. It is about matching the right product with the right potential customers. And of cause it is better if you are able to create your own product.

If you are a teacher and hoping to make some money selling your teaching plans, check out the site Teachers Pay Teachers. Before you do that, it is better to create a blog about teaching and starts gathering potential customers. You can focus on either the level of education, subjects or type of plans. Besides lesson plans, you can create and sell your simulated exams paper, worksheets, activities, PowerPoint’s note and many more. As long as the teaching information that you are selling is useful, simple and effective, people are willing to pay for it. Sign up is FREE. You will need a PayPal account to receive payments. If you sign up as a Basic Seller, you will earn 60% of total gross sales. 40% of your earnings will go to the site. If you sign up as a Premium Seller which requires a subscription fee of $59.95 per year, you will earn a total of 85% of total gross sales.

It may sounds easy but it took a lot of hard work and preparation in order to make $1 million selling teaching plans. But it is definitely worth all the effort and time spend. You will have a lot of fun if you love teaching and learning.

P/S: If you calculate the amount of money that you’ll earn from the basic salary via teaching, you definitely won’t have the chance to make $1 million dollars.



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