Money Making Opportunities Online by selling T-shirt at Printfection

Printfection is another website that enables users to make money by selling T-shirts. This is another money making opportunities online for those who likes to open up an online shop and sells own T-shirt designed. Although Printfection is not as popular as Zazzle or CafePress, you will still be able to make some money out from it.

Sign up is FREE. That includes open up your own shop via Printfection. Honestly, I did not have the chance to examine the quality of the T-shirt print out. But if you do a search review about Printfection, you will discover that the site has a good reputation on maintaining the quality of their product. I suppose the quality of the products is the main focus of the site. Thus you have to put more effort in marketing your own shop. In other words, you have to design, build your own brand and market your products. Printfection will be producing your products, maintaining your online shop, receiving orders, shipping and handling products.

One thing I don’t like about Printfection is the limited payment option available. We can only receive payment via check. We cannot receive money using PayPal. This is unacceptable especially for international sellers who stay outside of US. It takes months to receive the check and cash out. This won’t work out for small businesses. By the way, the minimum payout is $25.

P/S: I think Printfection needs to include PayPal or other alternative payment method because check just won’t work for international sellers. And there is a problem of undelivered check which went missing on the way. I would also suggest removing all the marketing section and just focus on producing good quality product. Leave the marketing part for sellers. There are just too many similar websites that enable users to make money by selling T-shirts. So just pick an area and make it outstanding. The best quality T-shirt online should be able to attract lots of customers, designers and Entrepreneurs.



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