Money Making Opportunities Online at Wikinut or not

wikinutThere are a lot of money making opportunities online that enable users to make money by writing or submitting articles. In order to make the best of our time and effort, we should always choose sites that pay the most. But does that mean we should give up all other money making opportunities online that pay very little for writing or submitting articles? Well, things are useless only when we do not know how to make full use of it. There should be some other things that are equally valuable than money, for example page rank or traffic. We just have to find out from the site and make use of it.

Wikinut is an online publisher that enables users to make money online by writing and sharing articles. There are basically 3 ways user can make money. The first and simple method is to write and upload content or articles. Users will receive 50% of the total advertising revenue from the page created. The second method is become moderator and review pages created by other users. Moderator will receive 5% of total advertising revenue from the pages reviewed. Third method is to invite friends so that they become writers or moderators. For every successful referrals obtain, you will receive a total of 10% from the total revenue earn by your referrals. Payments are done via PayPal in Sterling Pounds as the site is operating from British. Minimum payout is £2.50.

According to my research online, it seems that it is a bit difficult to make money at Wikinut. Even if the minimum payout is only £2.50, it is still difficult to achieve due to the high page views conversion rate. It’s going to take a lot of work and time before you are able to cash out. Furthermore it seems that users are unable to retrieve or remove their content once uploaded. That means you can’t remove your article and try to place it on other similar revenue sharing site.

Although the earning potential seems to be low at Wikinut, the site does have a page rank 3. Instead of writing for the sake of making money, it will be best to just focus on generating traffic to your blog or other higher earning potential site. In other words, try to make use of Wikinut to reach out for bigger readership. Besides, who knows maybe the articles that you post in Wikinut might one day start bring in money unexpectedly. There is always a possibility that Wikinut evolve and become the best money making opportunities online.



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