Money Making Opportunities Online at User Tester by Checking out Website

User Tester is actually a website that provides usability testing for website. Website owners can purchase the service and gain feedback from users who perform common tasks on their site. Website owners can even see and hear users’ confusion and frustration. This information is very useful as it helps website owners understand their website better and thus able to make suitable changes or improvement on their website.

As an internet user, we can make money at User Tester by participating in site testing and viewing. Sign up is free and you must be at least 18 years old. You are required to fill up demographic information on a one page form. Testers will only receive job opportunities if demographic information matches target audience required. Each completed job will be paid $10. Payments are done via PayPal. A PC or Mac with broadband internet connection is required for the job because browsing activity and voice will be recorded and send out. A browser based screen recorder will be introduced and verbal comments will be recorded and send back to the site. Your face won’t be recorded but clicks, mouse movements and keystrokes will be documented. You might need to get a better microphone as clients need to hear your comments clearly. The job basically takes about 15~20 minutes and you are required to answer some questions.

This is a simple money making opportunity online and there are a lot of user tester sign up for this job. As this job is not restricted for US residents only, people around the world are able to sign up for this job. You can imagine the number of user testers this company has. So if you are hoping to get some work and earn some money, then you need to do a good job.



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