Money Making Opportunities Online at Swom Social Network Community Online

money making opportunities online vis social networkingSwom stands for Super World Of Mouth. Swom is a simple social network online that comes with lots of money making opportunities. There are two types of membership available. Users can sign up for FREE member or GOLD membership. FREE membership is unable to make money and has limited access around the site. Users are unable to post any URL Links and there will be lots of sponsored links display. The only benefits for signing up as a FREE member is that users are able to communicate and connect with lots of members who are interested in making money online. Users will encounter lots of suggestion, promotion and invitation on various money making opportunities online. But unfortunately, the quality of information is not guarantee. Users might have to bear with lots of spamming too once the network is getting larger.

The money making opportunities provided by Swom is available only after users sign up for GOLD membership. GOLD membership cost $24.95 per month. Users can sign up for FREE membership and upgrade to GOLD membership later. There are basically five ways to make money at Swom. Users receive $15 for every new sign up referred that upgrades to GOLD membership. If the referrals continue to maintain their GOLD membership, users will receive $5 every month as long as they remain GOLD. In other words, if you are able to refer lots of members who sign up as GOLD members and remain as GOLD, you will earn a lot of money. Users also make money by communicating with FREE members and help them upgrade to GOLD membership. Users can do this by sending messages explaining and showing testimonial which suggest the benefits of upgrading to GOLD membership. Users will earn 10 shares in the ‘Gold Evangelist’ Bonus Pool if FREE member upgrade to GOLD membership within 30 days after the message sends. Finally users will also receive commission by participating in Swom community social network. Users earn points by receiving ‘Like’ vote, question vote, answer vote, video vote, posting testimonial and many more. The higher points received, the larger portions of bonus pool will be collected.

Payments are done via AlertPay or Check. Minimum payout for AlertPay is $25 and $50 for check. $3.50 will be charge for choosing check payment and the check is send via regular snail postal mail. For international member, it is best to just create and use AlertPay account.

In order to make money at Swom successfully, you need to have at least 5 referrals who sign up as GOLD membership. This is the minimum requirement to cover your own GOLD membership fee. Getting more than 5 referrals who will sign up as GOLD membership requires certain level of marketing skill. It will be best if you already have a group of network or readers who are interested in making money online. All you need to do is introduce Swom to them. If not, than you have to do extra work on getting new referrals from other social networking site and perform advertising and marketing actively.

By the way, new referrals will give you a boost of $15 for first month sign up as GOLD member. If you are able to get 2 of such referrals each month, your GOLD membership will be covered.



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