Money Making Opportunities Online at SupportSpace by becoming an Expert

If you are good at technical gadgets, programming, software, IT or computer related stuff, you may sign up as an expert at SupportSpace. The knowledge and skill you have can help make some money at SupportSpace. Especially if you love problem solving and helping people, this can be a good money making opportunity online for you.

Becoming an expert at SupportSpace is not easy. You actually need to be really good in order to secure the position as an expert. Although sign up is free, there are several procedures you need to go through. Applicant needs to provide detail personal info and professional skills. Background verification will be performed by a well-known US-based company to verify the information given. There will also a serviceability test, phone interview and training provided. Given all the trouble that you need to go through in order to become an expert, you might need to think it over before applying for the job. By the way, this job only opens for US residents.

Once you are qualified as an expert, you can start providing services for customers. An expert can attend to customers either by chat window or phone. You may set your own service rate either per minute or per session basis. SupportSpace will retain 25% of the fee amount charged to customers. You will get 10%~20% of the total fee amount charged to customers if you refer or forward the case to another expert. Payments are done via check and minimum payout is USD$30.

If you provide a good service and customers love dealing with you, customers may specifically request for your service. Do a good job and you can make a good amount of money at SupportSpace.



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