Money Making Opportunities online at Squadhelp

Basically Squadhelp is a platform or website which allows individual to participate in contests and win prizes in money. Small businesses, Entrepreneurs, blog owners and individuals come to Squadhelp and start a contest in order to market their brand or looking for solutions. Some of the contests for example are logo design, domain name suggestion, brand name ideas, slogans, taglines, article writing, viral marketing, web design, business card design, banner ads design, SEO advice, business research, company name ideas and many more. Contest starts at a minimum amount of $50. Once the contest organizer picks your work as the winner, you win the cash prize. Payments are done via PayPal and the minimum payout is $20. So you should be able to cash out each time you win a contest. But do remind that there is a transaction fee of 10% of the total balance withdrawn.

Most of the contests are naming contest and the money prize is usually between $50 and $100. Although it is an easy task to just suggest a name and participate in the contest, you have to win the contest in order to earn the money. It is not going to be easy as there are around 500 contestants. And the number of contestants keeps on increasing every day.

P/S: In the other hand, you can make use of Squadhelp by launching a contest. It definitely helps to generate some traffic and gather some good suggestions and ideas. As the minimum cost to hold a contest is $75, you have to plan the contest carefully. It will be best to check out how others run the contest and make full use of it.



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