Money Making Opportunities Online at Spreadshirt by Selling T-shirts and other Products

Lately I will be focusing more on introducing T-shirt design and selling websites. No doubt the competition is fierce within this field of online business, but still there are chances to make some money if you do it right.

This time I will be introducing Spreadshirt. Again this is another similar website that enables users to design and sell T-shirts. There are also other products such as bags, caps, laptop sleeves, mugs, phone covers, buttons, sportswear and baby shirts that you can sell. Basically there are two ways that you can make money at Spreadshirt. You can create graphic design that can be use to print on T-shirts and other products. You will receive commission when customers make use of your design to create their own T-shirts or other products. You may also create the finished products with the graphic that you design and sell it on Spreadshirt Marketplace. Other Spreadshirt Shop Partners can also make use of your design to create their own products and sell it in their own shops. In other words, once you have published your graphic design, it will remains in the Design Gallery so that others can make use of it. Each time when your design is use and sold, you will receive commission. The maximum commission that you can set is $20. Most designers usually set it within the range of $1.50 ~ $2.00. The second method to make money is to open up an online T-shirt shop. Again you get to set your own commission for each product that you sold. According to the site, most successful shop partners usually set the commission between $5 and $8.

Sign up is FREE. That includes open up your own online T-shirt shop. Payments can be done via PayPal or direct deposit to US checking bank account. Minimum payout is $25 and the payout months are January, April, July and October. But if your commission credits are over $100 and older than 14 days, payout can be done at any time upon request but no more than once per month.

P/S: I think Spreadshirt is suitable for international users because PayPal is available for payment method. Plus the minimum payout is only $25, it should be easier to achieve. I think the best way to make money is by designing. A good graphic design will be use over and over again. The earning potential is far better than trying to sell the T-shirts or other products.



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