Money Making Opportunities Online at SociBuzz using Social Network Sites

If you have lots of online friends and connections at social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Google plus, you might be able to make some money through SociBuzz. The money making opportunities online provided by SociBuzz is simple. Basically users just have to place a link or advertisement on their social network accounts. Users make money when viewers click on the links. It is a simple cost per click method. The amount of money that you are able to earn is based on the cost per click estimated by SociBuzz.

Sign up is FREE. Minimum payout is $1 and you will need a PayPal account to withdraw money. Payments are done on every Monday. As SociBuzz is currently in Beta mode, we will be expecting lots of changes and upgrades. At this moment you won’t be making lots of money because the cost per click or CPC offered is relatively low. Even though there are about 60 opportunities available, the highest CPC offered is only $0.055. Some advertisements even required specific geo targeting and accept only certain networks. You might not have many opportunities if the circle of your network is not from US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and UK.

Another money making opportunities online provided by SociBuzz is affiliate program. If you refer advertisers, you’ll earn 5% from the deposits they made. If you refer publishers, you’ll make 5% of their total earnings.

As SociBuzz is still new, it requires lots of improvement before publishers can really make a decent income. We should keep an eye on SociBuzz and check out the site once in a while.

P/S: You can offer the same advertisement service on your social network sites at Fiverr. People will be willing to pay $5 to promote their link on your social network sites if you have thousands of connections or followers.



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