Money Making Opportunities Online at Rate it all

money making opportunities onlineMoney making opportunities at RateItAll is simple. Basically users just have to write reviews about anything or everything. Users basically have to write opinions and recommendations about pets, movies, music, television, beauty, travel, gadgets and many more. As RateItAll uses Google Adsense to generate income, members or contributors will be paid via revenue sharing. In other words, contributors will be getting 50% of the Google Adsense revenue generated by the pages created.

Sign up is FREE. Contributors will need a Google Adsense account to start making money. Contributors have to include their own Google Adsense code in order to accept the 50% share of the revenue. Members are provided with a platform to make money. They still have to do the basic work to earn the 50% share of revenue. Remember that the 50% share of revenue is from the pages created by members. Basically members can write reviews, create a list link on RateItAll homepage, add new item to list page and also creating own profile.

In order to make money at RateItAll, members have to spend a lot of time participating in the network community. Creating lots of pages, reviews and list link is the best way to increase earnings. The next thing we need to do is bring traffic to those pages created. Although traffic from search engine generates more income, we can still try to get traffic from Facebook, Twitter and other online social network.



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