Money Making Opportunities Online at PaidPictures

money making opportunities taking picturesMoney making opportunities at PaidPictures is a bit different compare to other stock image selling website. Instead of uploading images and sell online, photographers will be accepting tasks or assignment on getting the required pictures. In other words, photographers will be selling their services by taking the required pictures. Information like picture resolution, format, and types of pictures will be provided.

Sign up is FREE but assignments are not guarantee. International photographers from all around the world are welcome to sign up. Photographers will be paid according to the assignments given. It seems like the amount and type of assignments distributed are related to the background of the photographers, especially the address or location of the photographer. I suppose if photographer has a good reputation with lots of quality pictures shown on various image selling website, it should not be difficult in getting assignments. PaidPictures just have to know if the photographer is qualified for the assignments and produces good quality pictures. Payments are via PayPal and will be paid within a month after the pictures are delivered.

PaidPictures is a website to list your services as a photographer. You may not get lots of assignments but at least it’s a place to list your profile. There are so many photographers around the world, so why should customers choose you? Photographers should think about this question often because competition is fierce online.



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  1. John says:

    This is definitely something different, nothing similar to other stock photographic websites, I am joining now.