Money Making Opportunities Online at Minted as Photographer

Minted is another website that enables photographers to make money online by selling their photos. Although most of the rules, terms and conditions are basically the same compare to other photo selling website, I’ll still go over briefly so that you can get starting quickly.

Sign up is FREE. Well, I suppose almost every websites that provide money making opportunities online are FREE, and this includes photo selling websites. Once you have sign up and confirm your account through email, your storefront will be setup. The storefront enables users to track sales and place order for client. You will earn 10% commission on every sale through your storefront. It seems like the 10% commission is the same if you upload and sell your own photographs. Please remind that Minted will delete your photos if you do not login your account for 6 months. One thing I like about Minted is that they provide assistance in editing the photos uploaded. Their design associates can help to adjust photos by cropping, resizing, rotating and even converting color photos to black and white.

The revenue sharing program administrator or ShareASale is responsible for the payout for photographers. Once your earning reaches the minimum payout of $50, ShareASale will send you a check or by your payment method of choice.

You may also try to make extra money by signing up the affiliate program through Commission Junction. The site offers 10%~12% commission on a high average order size of more than $200. Although this doesn’t sound attractive, yet it is another option that we can try to make more money.

P/S: You can also try to promote Minted wedding ideas and wedding planning. I would suggest creating a blog about wedding is one of the best ways to promote Minted.



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