Money Making Opportunities Online at Magazine Agent by Selling Magazines

Magazine-Agent is the second money making opportunities online that I encountered which enable users to sell magazines. The website is founded back in 1998 as an internet based subscription agent. In order to start making money by selling magazines, users have to sign up the affiliate program. Users who wish to join the magazine subscription affiliate program need to sign up either via Commission Junction or ShareASale. I suppose those of you who already have an account at either site can go ahead without any problem. Those of you that are new and like to sign up, please remind that your application might not be approved unless basic requirements are met. You will be required to have an establish blog or website in order to get approved. Once you are approved, affiliate links and banners will be provided to place in your blog or website. You will be paid once visitors place an order for the magazine subscription through your blog or website.

Sign up is free for the affiliate program but you are required to get approval before you can start making money. The commission of the sales range from 40% to 45%. If you are able to make more than $50,000 of sales, you will earn 45% of commission. You will earn 42.5% commission if generate sales between $25,000 and $50,000. And finally you will earn 40% commission if generate less than $25,000 sales. Payments are done monthly and the minimum payout is $25.

You might need to check out the FAQ section before you start selling magazines as an affiliate. There are some rules and regulation which you need to take note.



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