Money Making Opportunities Online at Foodie BlogRoll

When it comes to choosing the right advertising company online, it is very important that we make the right decision. Obviously the right decision means choosing the right advertising company that enables our blog or website makes a lot of money. As a publisher, some of the obvious options we have are Google Adsense, Yahoo, Bidvertiser, Kontera, AdBrite and many more. You may check out the long list of online advertising company at Money Making Opportunities List page. One of the most common questions that publishers ask is “Which online advertising company is suitable for my blog or website? And which company is able to provide maximize revenue?”

Generally Google Adsense is the first choice most publishers will go for. No doubt Google Adsense is the best choice currently available. But there are also lots of unfortunate publishers who are getting kick out from Google Adsense. Once this happens, finding alternative online advertising company is a must. For those publishers who focus on topic related to food and restaurants, perhaps becoming a publisher for Foodie Blogroll is the best alternative.

Sign up is FREE at Foodie Blogroll but it is going to take some time for approval. It might takes up to one month period before you get a reply due to the high volume of requests. The money making opportunities online provided by the site are actually revenue sharing programs. There are basically two types of revenue sharing programs available, the site refers them as Guarantee Contract and Open Contract. There is a big difference between both programs. It is better to study both programs carefully before deciding which program to jump in. Briefly, here are some of the differences which publishers need to consider. The Guarantee Contract gives 55% revenue sharing to publishers. Other ad network ads are not allowed. The Open Contact gives 50% revenue sharing to publishers. Publishers get to display other ad network together such as Google Adsense. But publishers won’t be earning any referral fees and unable to display text link ads. Publishers also won’t be eligible for premium giveaways and won’t be getting any non-us impressions. Payments are done via PayPal or check. There is no minimum payout if publishers used PayPal. There will be a minimum $50 payment threshold if check is selected. One thing that I don’t like is that publishers have to wait for at least 60 days before getting the money.

Either way, publishers are going to make money because revenue sharing system is used. The only thing which publishers might be having second thoughts about is the amount of money earned. Choosing the right program will end up a higher revenue. But before that publishers have to make sure that their blog qualifies for the program. And the hardest part is to get at least 2500 page views per month.



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