Money Making Opportunities Online at Foodbuzz

If you are thinking about creating a blog with food as main topic, you may consider joining Foodbuzz. The site has a lot of money making opportunities online which publisher can explore. Especially if you are just starting to blog and decided to learn things by writing about the food that you love, Foodbuzz is one of the choices to go for. The site not just allows publishers to make money but also helps generate traffic through their community.

Foodbuzz is actually a community of food blog. Sign up is free. If you have a blog about food, then you are welcome to sign up. If you wish to become a feature publisher within Foodbuzz and earn money, you have to put more time and effort into your food blog. As a feature publisher, you are able to display Foodbuzz advertising and participate in Project Food Blog, Foodbuzz Blogger Festival, Foodie Correspondent Program and many more. Publisher will be pay with a fixed rate for every 1000 page impressions. In other words the earning program is based on CPM. Your blog actually requires a lot of traffic in order to make some decent money. One of the things that I don’t like about Foodbuzz is that since the advertising program is CPM basis, you cannot have other similar ads network together in your blog.

Payments are done via PayPal. There is no minimum payout. The amount of money which publisher will be earned depends on the contract or the rate of CPM. So basically you won’t make much money unless your blog gets lots of traffic.



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