Money Making Opportunities Online at FixYa by Providing assistance with Your Knowledge

FixYa is a website that provides free problem solving service online. It is a platform that connects people who are looking for solutions and experts that keen on solving problems. The money making opportunities online provided by FixYa is simple. You just have to sign up as an expert and help solving problems listed by users. Sign up is free. Your knowledge is the key to make money in this website. Take a look at the website and you’ll find that most of the problems listed by users are related to science and technology.

There are basically three ways you can make money by solving problems. You can either answer the question posted, providing assistance via chatting online or explain the solution directly on the phone. Each method used to provide assistance received different range of payment. You will earn minimum payment if you just work on the posted question and reply the solution online. You will earn more money if you pick up the phone and provide solution directly. Chatting online and calling users on the phone might not be so convenience if you are not local. Different time zone, language barrier and cultural differences make it difficult to provide your assistance and trying to solve the problem.

There are three types of payment options available. Experts can choose to receive their payment via PayPal, direct deposit or FixYa Prepaid Debit MasterCard. Direct deposit is only available if you have a US checking account. As for the FixYa Prepaid Debit MasterCard, you will have to apply for the card first before receiving any money. Minimum payout is $50 and payments are process each month.

This money making opportunities online is suitable for those with wide range of technology knowledge. If you are not sure how or where to start off with FixYa, check out the top Fixya Experts. Take a look at how these experts provide their solutions. It should give you some ideas to write your own solutions.



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