Money Making Opportunities Online at Examiner by Writing

If you are not a professional writer but wishes to make some money online by writing, try Examiner. Especially if you love writing and hoping to gain some exposure or traffic back to your blog, this site might just be suitable for you. Examiner was launched back in 2008. There are thousands of writers contributing content from various topics. Each of the articles written is writers’ experience, viewpoints and opinions.

Sign up is free but you must be at least 18 years old. Most important of all you must be a US or Canadian resident in order to become a writer. There are lots of categories and topics available to choose. You just have to pick those topics which you are interested and passionate about. Some of the examples include National Dark Knight Examiner, Vampire Diaries Examiner, Fusion Food Examiner, Ferret Examiner and many more. You may even suggest a new topic to write. Just go thought the list of topics, I’m sure you’ll find something interesting to write. Once you have qualified as an Examiner, you need to contribute around 2 articles per week. The Examiner University will guide you through the first article. They will also provide help whenever you need in order to improve writing, technical and marketing skills. You just need to build your relationship and readership within the site community. As for the compensation or the amount of money you’ll earn, the rate varies according to your writing activity and reader interest. If you are hoping to maximize revenue, you should choose popular topics which have the tendency to attract lots of readers.

Just sign up and give it a try. I’m sure Examiner is a site worth trying. Besides money, I think you’ll gain some traffic and exposure by writing for the site.



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