Money Making Opportunities Online at Depositphotos by selling Photos and Images

There are lots of websites that enable photographers and graphic designers to sell their photos and images online. If you are a professional and able to produce good quality products, it shouldn’t be a problem to make money online by selling photos and images. You just have to sign up couple of popular websites that able to maximize revenue with your creation and you’ll start generating some passive income. But if you are not a professional photographer or graphic designer and struggling to produce good quality product, then you need to sign up lots of websites that sells photos and images. One of the reasons is to gain more exposure in order to generate more sales. Another reason is because you might not pass the qualification exam to upload your photos or images. Some of the websites demands only high quality photos and images. Thus your photos or images might not meet the requirement. While you are struggling hard to improve the quality of your creations, it is best to try out every websites that you can find.

Check out Depositphotos. This website enables photographers and graphic designers to sell photos, vector images and videos.  Sign up is FREE but just like other similar websites, you are require to submit some of your best creation for review. Once you have successfully passed the exam, you will be able to upload your photos or images. Make sure you study the basic file requirement before submit your creations. Although the commission earn depends on the license type and resolution purchased, it is also influence by author or contributor’s level. The contributor’s level starts from level 1 Green and up to level 5 Platinum. The only way to increase your contributor’s level is to increase the amount of sales. Basically the commission increases when you make more money. By the way, the price of the files is standard and set by Depositphotos. You may also apply for Executive Contributor that gives higher commission, but the files uploaded can only be sold at Depositphotos only. I would suggest going for normal contributor first. If your creation makes a lot of sales then only consider switching to Executive Contributor.

Payments are done via PayPal, Moneybookers and WebMoney. Minimum payout is $50. If you are just getting started, it is going to take a while to reach minimum payout. But again it all depends on how good your photos or images sell.

You can also make extra money by signing up the affiliate program offers by Depositphotos. You will make $0.03 for each sale your referral makes through a subscription. You will make 15% commission for every Pay-by-Credit purchase from your referral. You will make commission from the range of 4% 12 months to 10% 1 month for each subscription plans your referral purchases. You will also make a fix amount between $0.05 and $0.20 for each SMS packages your referral purchases. Depositphotos will also pay $10 for placing banner on your site. Of cause your site must be related to photography and will be review before approval. And if your site ranks below 50,000 on Alexa ranking, you will be paid $20 instead. I think this is the best affiliate program that I’ve seen for website that sells photos and images.

There is also a special program for bloggers and site owners that dedicated themselves for design, advertising and stock files. Depositphotos can provide temporary subscription and offering free downloads for sites that trying to write a review article about Depositphotos. Sites that are trying to conduct a contest may also get Depositphotos to sponsor temporary subscription and free downloads. You may send an email to Depositphotos if you are interested. Again your blog or site will be review before approval.

P/S: Depositphotos has some interesting programs that related to photos and images. But still you need to get pass the reviews in order to qualified for the programs.



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