Money Making Opportunities Online at Cutcaster by Selling Photos and Vectors

When it comes to selling photos and vectors, there are just too many websites that enable photographers and graphic designers to choose. Is this a good sign for having lots of choices to sell photos and vectors? Well, one thing for sure. Competition will always be there and the number of competitors will just keep on increasing. Photographers and graphic designers are not the only one that is competing with each other. Websites that are trying to sell photos and vectors are facing the same situation. There are two important factors that we need to consider in order to make money online successfully by selling photos and vectors. We need to produce high quality products and create lots of opportunity for customers to look at our creation. Thus having lots of websites that enable photographers and graphic designers to upload and sell their creation might not sound as bad as we think. Especially when we are at the beginning stage of improving the quality of our products and trying to let customers get familiar with our names, these websites provide lots of rooms for us to do so. We just have to work hard in order to make use of all the rooms available. The only problem is that we might not be making much money at the beginning. I guess we just have to bear with it until we are able to create demanding high quality products and people are willing to pay a good price for it.

Cutcaster is one of those websites that enables user to sell photos and vector designs. Just like any other similar websites, part of the earnings will go to the site. You will earn 55% of the sales price if you choose the exclusive royalty rate. Same images sold under this category are restricted from selling under any other third-party website. If you choose the non-exclusive royalty rate, you will be getting 40% of the sales price but is free to sell the same image at any other similar websites. Given the fact that it is only a 15% different, it will be better to promote your images at other website too. Remember that if you are not getting any sales, you won’t be making any money even if you are given a 90% rate.

Payments are done via PayPal or check monthly. Minimum payout is $25. You can also make more money by participating in the referral program. If you refer a buyer, you will earn 10% of the total purchase price done by the buyer. If you refer a seller, you will earn 5% of the total sales price done by the seller. The potential earning is not much but at least the earning will be included into the minimum payout.



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