Money Making Opportunities Online at Backlinks by Selling Text Links

money making opportunities text or is actually a money making opportunities online website that enables blog or website owners to sell text links. The price of the text links will be higher if the blog or website has a higher page rank. The rates of the test links are determine by the page rank and are listed within the page. Revenue generated is paid monthly. Honestly, I think the paid is quite low. Take for an example if you own a blog or website that has a page rank 3, you will earn $2 by placing a text link on homepage and $1.50 on subpage. Payments are done via PayPal within the first 3 days of each month. Good news is that no minimum payout is required. Another money making opportunities available is the affiliate program. The amount of money that you can earn through affiliate program is much higher than selling text links. You will earn $100 for every advertisers that you refer who purchase $50 and above of text links per month. You will earn $25 for every publishers that you refer who sells $5 and above of text links per month.

Just work on the affiliate program if you are worried about page rank getting penalized by Google. Besides I think you will make more money via the affiliate program.



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