Money Making Opportunities Online at Activeden by Selling Files

There are lots of money making opportunities online sites which enable users to sell photos, banners, articles, programming design and many more. Most of the sites are very specific when it comes to selling products. Take for example istockphoto only enable users to sell photos. But sometimes when you are trying to selling other products which are not so popular, which site do you choose? Check out Activeden. As this site sells files, perhaps this might be the right platform to sell your products.

Sign up is FREE but you are required to take a simple author quiz. There are two ways you can sell your products or files. You can sign up selling exclusively or non-exclusively. Selling exclusively means the products or files that you sell on Envato Marketplaces are unique. You are not allowed to upload and sell the same products or files on other sites. Selling exclusively entitle to receive 50% to 70% of the sales price. The sales volume will determine the percentage of the commission received. Obviously the higher the sales volume the higher percentage commission received. If you choose to sell non-exclusively, you will receive 33% commission on each sale. Good thing about choosing non-exclusively is that you are able to upload and sell the same products or files on other sites. All files uploaded will be review before releasing it to the market. And the price of the products or files is set by Envato. In order to sell your products or flies successfully, you need to choose carefully between selling exclusively or non-exclusively. Remember that exclusively is on a per file basis. Some of the files which are currently selling are Flash, Flex, Unity 3D and JSFL Extensions. You may check out the categories list for some other files examples.

Payments are done via PayPal, Moneybookers or Payoneer. Minimum payout is $50. You can still make withdraw if balance is less than $50 but you will have to wait for 12 months. If you earn more than $500 per month, you can choose to withdraw money by wire transfer.

You can also make extra money by participating in the affiliate program. You will receive 30% commission of the first purchase or cash deposit from referrals. Although the earning is not much, you will still able to make some money if you are able to sign up lots of referrals every month.



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