Money Making Opportunities Online at Acclaim Subscriptions by selling Magazines

Do you still buying magazines now that you are able to go online and obtain almost any information and news? Well, some people still love to read from papers or magazines. They tend to enjoy flipping through pages and smell the fresh ink and papers. If you have readers or viewers who love to read magazines, consider joining Acclaim Subscriptions affiliate program. You can make some money by selling magazines to your readers or viewers.

Acclaim Subscriptions has more than 250 thousands title of magazines. Sign up is free. The Acclaim Subscriptions affiliate program offers website or blog owners the opportunity to make money by selling magazines. Banners and text links are provided. Website or blog owners just have to choose the right and suitable magazine categories to work on. With over 250 thousands title, you will find categories such as music, craft, food, arts, dogs, children, automobiles, comic, games, fashion, health, fitness, science, business and many more. For every magazine subscription sole, you can earn at least $5 minimum commission. Best of all the magazines are sold worldwide over 100 countries. Payments are done via check, PayPal or direct deposit to bank. Minimum payout is $50 and payments are done monthly.

P/S: Check out the magazine titles available. Some of the magazines offer less than $10 for 1 year subscription.



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