Money Making Opportunities Online and Offline at HireAHelper

offline money making opportunitiesI have been posting about money making opportunities for some time and mostly are online money making website or freelancing website. This post I’m going to introduce something different. It’s still related to money making opportunities but it’s more towards offline stuff. If you’re not a computer guy but are more towards hard labor working guy, HireAHelper money making opportunities website might be suitable for you. This is only for those who are staying in the US. Besides you need to stay close by in order to carry out the work.

At HireAHelper you can sign up as mover, day labor, cleaning helper and lawn helper. The site is always looking for good helpers to join their network. Either you’re a hard working individual or company as long as you can meet the requirement and provide satisfactory services then you’re welcome to sign up at HireAHelper. Sign up is free. If you receive a job though HireAHelper, 15% final payment of the job will go to HireAHelper as advertising and processing fee. That means you’ll get 85% payment of the job you received. Payment send to you will be in the form of check or direct deposit. It will be best to provide bank account information and use direct deposit serve as you’ll receive payment faster.

As a mover basically you’ll be doing loading and uploading work, packing and unpacking work or even driving work. The job mostly will be related to house moving or relocation. As a cleaner basically you’ll be ask to clean the house, construction site cleanup, party cleanup or event area cleanup. As a lawn helper basically you’ll be doing laying sod, pulling weeds or doing some heavy lifting. Most of the work will be related to lawn and gardening. As a day labor basically you’ll be doing some handyman work, painting, flooring, wiring, fixing stuff, baby sitting or even designing a website. It’s generally any services that you can provide. One thing that you need to remember is HireAHelper charges by hour. If you’re not a professional or just looking for a part time job, your earning will be less. But still I think HireAHelper is a good place for you to make couple of bucks selling your muscle.

For those of your that wishes to make money at HireAHelper using computer or online, you can try out the affiliate program. All you have to do is sign up, refer clients and get paid. As an affiliate you’ll get a unique coupon code and affiliate link which you can use to print materials and place it on your website or blog. You will be paid $10 every time a customer you refer books a job.

P/S: I think this is a good place for college students who want to make some money. The jobs are fairly easy which mostly requires only muscle.



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  1. Mr.Choice says:

    I will checkout HireAHelper and see if I can make some money by doing business with it. Thanks for the details.

  2. Andy says:

    Very interesting website, I think it is unique, never seen something similar on the web. I think it is a great opportunity for students to get some extra money.