Money Making Opportunities Offer By Tribal Fusion

google alternative online advertising companyWhen you created a blog that attracts thousands or millions of visitors successfully, being a Google Adsense publisher can definitely makes a lot of money. But still that doesn’t means you can avoid from getting ban by Google. If this unfortunate day really hits you and you have no choice but to look for other source of income, what choice do you have? No doubt there is a lot of online advertising company works just like Google. The question is which online advertising company suits you best. If you are hoping to retrieve the same amount of money that Google Adsense pays, that is not likely to be happen. The possibility is there but chances are slim. If you are able to earn 80% of what you previously earned from Google Adsense using alternative online advertising company, that is consider good enough. If you own a good quality blog with a high amount of traffic, you can try Tribal Fusion.

Tribal Fusion’s CPM or cost per impression is among the highest in the industry. You can expect a fairly good income if your blog is accepted into the network. In order to be considered for acceptance into the Tribal Fusion Ad Network, your blog must has a minimum of 500 thousands unique users per month, active user base, professional site design, own domain URL, updated content and many more. The so call many more refers to other criteria which Tribal Fusion will look into before accepting your blog. Your blog needs to be very good in order to get accepted into Tribal Fusion, and of cause with some luck. For all the campaigns that run on your site, Tribal Fusion pays publishers 55% of all revenue secures on the site. Check will be issue 45 days after the last day of the month. Minimum payout is $50.

It is not easy getting accepted into Tribal Fusion Ad network. But if your blog qualifies, that means your blog is very good in terms of quality. It puts your blog into high quality category.



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