Money Making Opportunities in VigLink by Affiliate Every Link

affiliate money making opportunitiesIf you’re into affiliate marketing then generating affiliate links is a common procedures that you need to do always. At some point generating tons of affiliate links every day can be very time consuming. Here’s a website call VigLink which enables user to affiliate every link on the blog or site by placing few lines of HTML code once. I suppose this is the most convenient way of affiliate all the links.

Basically Viglink provides lots of money making opportunities just by helping users turn a simple link into an affiliate link automatically. When we blog, we tend to place a link to a product or a website in our post. We blog about it because we have an interest on it or basically we have something to say either it’s good or bad. In fact we are actually promoting these products or website unintentionally. Sometimes a simple blog post from us can result in a completion of a business deal. In this case we are doing lots of favors to company that have no idea who we are and we are not getting any credits out of it. What VigLink does is that by placing one simple HTML code in our blog or site, all the links in our blog or site will turn into affiliate links automatically. That means if there is any business deal or product purchase done resulting of your blog post, you will be paid. Instead of blogging freely without getting anything, now you have the chance to make some extra money to keep your passion continue on. I suppose money can be a huge motivation in most cases.

Sign up is free. You just have to provide a valid email and a verification link will be send to you. Once verification is done you have to install the HTML code into your blog. Details of data and analysis will be display but you have to wait for about a week to see any results. Payments are done via check or PayPal. As soon as publishers reach the minimum $25 payout, payment information will be requested. VigLink takes 25% on commission earned by publishers. That’s 1/4 of what publishers earned and I think that’s a lot. I’m totally find with 3/4 or 75% of the commission but there is only one question. The details of the commission or how much we will be paid for a complete business deal done are not clearly mention. Frankly if the commission is too small and it takes years to reach the minimum payout of $25, then most probably publishers will move on to other money making opportunities without even consider waiting.

There are about 12500 merchants in VigLink. If your blog or website is about products review, I suppose it should be able to make some money. Then again it depends on how much the commission you’ll get. Another money making opportunities that VigLink has is the referral program. For each publisher that you referred, you’ll earn 10% of their commission for their first year. Their earning will not be affected as they still get 75% of commission after subtracting the 25% fee for VigLink. That means VigLink will be getting 15% after paying the 10% referral fee which will be given to you.

I think VigLink provides a service to those that fail to qualify as an affiliate. As we know that VigLink deals with affiliate networks like Commision Junction, Linkshare and Google Affiliate Network. Particularly for Commision Junction, it’s not easy to qualify as a member of affiliate within. This problem can now be solved as you no longer have to sign up for all the affiliate networks. You just have to sign up VigLink and it works almost the same. Plus you don’t have to insert the affiliate links one by one.

P/S: Everything looks good. Now we just have to see the effect in couple of months.



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2 Responses to “Money Making Opportunities in VigLink by Affiliate Every Link”

  1. Dave says:

    Actually if you have wordpress blog it is fairly easy, as there are many available plugins that can hide the affiliate code.

  2. Elvira Mair says:

    Amazing stuff=) I will need a bit of time to think about the content:)