Money Making Opportunities in Creative Writing Contests

contest money making opportunitiesIf you love to write and wanted to prove your talent in writing contest, perhaps you might be interested in this blog call Creative Writing Contests. Basically this is a blog that provides information regarding writing contests and competitions. Some of the contests you’ll find are Earth Vision Nature Writing Contest, Breathless Press Writing Contest, Dream Quest One Poetry & Writing Contest and many more. The cash prize of the contests varies from $100 to $5000 depending on the scale of the contests. I have to say this blog has lots of contests that you can participate and it’s going to make you very busy if you decided to take part in every one of them. Just remember to check out the due date of the contest and the guidelines. Make sure that you’re eligible and qualified for the contest before go on and start writing. Some contests require an entry fee but some are free to join.

I would suggest that you go for small scale contest with less cash prizes. That way you might a higher chance to win the contest. For start I suppose that might be a good idea to test the environment. At least you can get yourself familiar with the contest before you go after the big scale contest. By the way I think winning the contests is much better than going after the cash prizes. Each winning contest you gain proves your writing ability. That means you’ll be able to sell yourself using the winning certificates from the contests. When you collect enough trophies, you’ll earn your status as a qualified professional writer. Once you reach that position, people will start coming to you for writing assignments. I call this branding ourselves.



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  2. Beard Trimmer says:

    last time, i joined a writing contests on the internet and i won a small price for writing a nice piece of writing ;~.