Money Making Opportunities for Freelancer at Appingo

money making opportunities writingAppingo is actually a production management suite created especially for book publishing. Companies who are in business of book making use Appingo for their projects. The software helps companies manage projects better and efficiently compare to the old traditional method. Once of the advantages is able to manage double amount of projects usingAppingo. No doubt Appingo can be considered as revolutionary software for book production management, but still this is not my main topic. What I’m interested about Appingo is the full service of production management solution they offer for publishers who have capacity constraints. In other words, the company are accepting projects and making books too. Due to this reason, Appingo is always looking for talented publishing freelancers in design, proofreading, composition, copy editor and indexing. If you have some experience is book publishing industry and interested in becoming part of Appingo community, send your resume along with a cover letter to the company. You will be hire base on experience which matches the projects in house.

This post is not much about money making opportunities online but the opportunity to work with Appingo. The working experience at Appingo is definitely worth a lot more than you can imagine. As the company is able to design useful production management software for book publishing, I’m sure their management ability and working method will be different from other publishing company. It will be interesting to see how Appingo delivers projects on budget, ahead of schedule and with quality.



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