Money Making Opportunities by Starting Own Web hosting FREE at YouHosting

YouHosting free website hosting money making opportunitiesOne of the money making opportunities online which I’ve always heard about but did not try out are running own web hosting business. Some of the reasons which stopping me from trying out is the cost of investment and the lack of knowledge on managing servers. With the help of YouHosting, I now have the chance to try out this money making opportunities online for FREE.

Although it is mention that YouHosting is the easiest way to start own web hosting business, we still need to learn the basic to get starting. Some of the features available are administrator panel, unlimited free and paid hosting accounts, email accounts, FTP accounts, databases, sub domains, PHP, MySQL, website builder and many more. There are lots of thing you need to study and as it is FREE, you get to try it out and learn it. One thing that I like about YouHosting is that users can have full control with 100% customization and retain 100% earnings. There are basically three money making opportunities online available by using YouHosting. Users can make money by offering paid hosting upgrades, advertisements and by selling links and traffic. Users can start out by offering free web hosting service. At the beginning it is about getting lots of sign up with people using your free web hosting service. Once you have enough number of sign up, there will be some people asking for an upgrade. This is the time when you can make money by providing paid upgrades. Just like some other FREE web hosting services, you can also place Google Adsense on all free hosting plans. You may also charge a small amount of fees to remove the ads. Some call it an upgrade to make the website ads free. It’s all about playing around with free offers and charging a little bit of fees for some needed features. Your creativity and inspiration might be the key of making this money making opportunities a success. Finally you can also try to sell links from the free websites created by your users, but I would not encourage going for this method because of the risks and problems that you might face with major search engines. But I would suggest making use of this FREE web hosting service to build backlinks to your blog or website.

P/S: As much as I love the money making opportunities of hosting free websites, I still need to learn and manage it properly. Everybody can try starting their own web hosting business because it’s FREE, thus you will be expecting lots of competition. The only difference or the thing which makes your free web hosting business better than others is the service you provided. I suppose your success relies on how good you serve others.



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2 Responses to “Money Making Opportunities by Starting Own Web hosting FREE at YouHosting”

  1. Jack says:

    Long time ago, I’ve started hosting reseller business. It was nearly successful. Right now I am doing the same, but I have SEO and web development company, so it is much easier for me to sell webhosting to my customers.

  2. Dave says:

    Sounds like Youhosting offers all things needed for a reliable hosting. I have read reviews for them previously and people were giving high ratings.