Money Making Opportunities by Selling Images at Crestock

money making opportunities selling imagesCrestock is another money making opportunities website for photographers who want to sell images. Basically there are two ways to make money at Crestock. Photographers can make money by selling images and recruiting new members through the affiliate program. The rules and regulations are almost the same with other similar website. The question is can you make money with Crestock, and how much money can you earn. When it comes to selling images, it will be best to promote in every image selling websites. The more exposure and traffic you get, the better chances getting your images sold.

Crestock was founded in 2005 and was purchased on 2010 by Toronto based Masterfile Corporation. Sign up is free. There are no charges for registering as a contributor or customer. As a contributor, there are two ways photographers can make money selling images. Images can be sold as a single image, subscriptions or by purchasing credits. Photographers make a flat rate of $0.25 royalty per download through subscription method. A 20%~30% profits can be made through credits and single images sold. If we compare the rate with other similar websites, the earning potential seems a bit low. Crestock also has an alternative money making opportunities which is the affiliate program. Once you sign up the free account, you’re automatically enrolled into the affiliate program. You just have to find your affiliate member ID and make use of it. When you refer contributors, you get 10% commission on all images sold by contributors for 6 months. When you refer customers, you get 50% commission on all images purchased by customers for 6 months. The affiliate commission and the earning from the images sold are treated as one. This is good as the minimum amount of $50 payout can be reach easily. Payout is done via PayPal or Moneybookers.

As photographers still retain the copyright of the images, the same images uploaded can still be sold in other areas.



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4 Responses to “Money Making Opportunities by Selling Images at Crestock”

  1. Rose says:

    The rates are fair, but the best is that images still can be sold later. I think I will join the website.

  2. millionaire mindset says:

    Well, that is still a money-making opportunity.The user just have to promote either his photos or his affiliate link.

  3. Cash Renegade says:

    Crestock is really a decent website same with Istock, my friends who are in the field of graphics designing would definitely be successful if they discover this website.

  4. Earn Money Online At Home says:

    Ya, Crestock is a another money making opportunities for us. Easy tracking and statistics provided for your affiliates and commissions.