Money Making Opportunities by Just Answer

money making opportunities by answering questionsIf you’re an expert or a professional in a particular field, your knowledge might be very useful to some people. Your knowledge and experience can turn into money making opportunities online by just answering questions at Just Answer.

There are basically two money making opportunities at Just Answer. You can sign up as an expert and make money by answering question. Or you can sign up the affiliate program and make money by introducing others to pay to get their answers. You can do that easily by placing a question box tool at your blog or website. You can also choose to perform both money making opportunities at the same time. As an expert, you’ll make 25% to 50% of what the customer offering for an answer. Payments are done monthly via PayPal and minimum payout is $20. For the affiliate program, you get 20% of customers’ payment which you bring in forever. This is a far better deal than being an expert. In other words, if you’re able to bring in lots of customers who pay for an answer, you’ll make lots of money.

Being an expert is not as easy as you think. You need to complete the application and get your credentials verified. Basically you need to prove that you’re an expert before you get to answer questions. Also I think you need to be very good in answering question because customers are paying. Usually people will only pay unless they cannot get a satisfactory answer by surfing online. So the answers you provide need to be better than anything they can find online. Remember that a good answer is a satisfactory answer.



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