Money Making Opportunities at Yodio with Your Voice

audio money making opportunitiesMoney making opportunities at Yodio is a bit special. You are actually selling your voice by combining photos or presentation with audio explanation. This is actually an interesting way to make money online and I think it requires a unique voice. Sign up is free and users are required to submit a cell phone or a primary phone number for recording purposes. Of cause users can also make the recording from PC or MP3 player, but the site prefers the on-the-go nature of recording voices from anywhere at any time. Take for example user can take a photo of scenery while travelling and instantly record a few saying about the photo using smartphone. Both the photo and voice recording will be sent to Yodio for pairing and stored. Users can then email to friends or embed the link for sharing.

There are three types of audio products user can create. YodioCard is the first and most basic audio product users learn to create in the beginning. It is actually a simple audio greeting card with one minute maximum length which can be share with friends and family. YodioCard is not qualified for sale because it is basically personal stuff. Once users are getting used to combining voice recording with photos, users can start creating Yodiocast or Yodiotour. Yodiocast is about a story, travel tips or valuable best practices. It basically tells the experience of an individual. Yodiotour is about explanation of a route, a tour or description of an event. Both Yodiocast and Yodiotour can be post for sale and users make money by creating them. For every Yodiocast or Yodiotour downloaded, users get 20% royalty based on the price set. User will get 50% royalty if upgraded the account to a monthly fee of $6.99. And user will get 70% royalty if the monthly fee is $34.99. I would suggest to upgrade the account only when downloads achieve certain number every month. Do the math and calculation so that you won’t lose money over the monthly fee.

Payments are done via PayPal. Minimum payout is $50. Take a look at how others create and produce Yodiocast and Yodiotour. Study and learn from them so that you are able to create good quality products that attracts download. The more download you have, the more money you’ll earn. You might need to do some marketing to promote the Yodiocast and Yodiotour created. Embed the links to blog, website, Facebook, MySpace or Twitter. I suppose you can make use of this feature to promote other products or service too. Be creative and you will be able to make a good amount of money.



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