Money Making Opportunities at Wizzley by Writing Articles

money making opportunities writingMoney Making Opportunities at Wizzley is simple. Publishers just have to focus on writing good quality articles and leave everything else to Wizzley. Yup, Wizzley is another website which requires publishers to create and supply content while the site provides blogging platform, search engine optimization, traffic, advertising, blog design and maintenance. Sign up is FREE and so does everything else in the site.

Wizzley uses the impression sharing algorithm for their money making opportunities online. That means the page impressions are share between Wizzley and publishers. Take for example of Google Adsense. Initially the page impression will be share equally between Wizzley and the publisher. That means publishers need to claim the share of ads impressions by entering Google Adsense publisher’s ID. Publisher will get 55% of total page impressions once 50 quality articles are produced. Once 100 quality articles are produced, 60% of total page impressions will be allocate for publisher. Other than Google ADsense, money making opportunities online website like Amazon, Zazzle and AllPosters are included. Publishers need to sign up an account for all the websites above in order to maximize the earnings on Wizzley. Publishers can only claim their share of profit by entering the affiliate ID to Wizzley account. Remember that Wizzley does not make the payment. It’s Google Adsense, Amazon, Zazzle and AllPosters are making the payments. The site is currently working to include eBay as well in the future.

Another money making opportunities provided by Wizzley is referral program. For each signups you get by using Wizzley referral link, you’ll get 10% of the page impressions from referred author’s pages permanently. Sound’s good? Not really. That because it’s just page impression you’ll get. Not money. Regardless of who you referred, it’s still the total page impression counts. If you have been dealing and studying with page impression, you’ll know that money starts to come in when page impression reaches certain amount.

P/S: You need to be patient and work consistently to produce good quality articles for some time before you actually see some money. It will be better to pick a topic that you’re interested and write about it. There are so many similar website just like Wizzley. So the question is why I choose Wizzley. I suppose any website can be the chosen one as long as money can be earned.



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  1. imtu says:

    i just wonder about this post that by writing a article you can earn money. If you have the ability to write good quality article than go for it for earning extra money.