Money Making Opportunities at vWorker

vWorker or was known as RentACoder is a money making opportunities site for freelancers. The jobs listed at vWorker are mostly programming tasks. There are about 2312 projects available which related to programing, coding, writing, marketing, graphic design and many more. Just like any other freelancing jobs website, this is a site which you have the freedom to choose the job and market your skills. One thing I like about vWorker is that payment is guarantee. Well, at least that’s what the site clams.

Sign up is FREE for freelancers. There is also no charge for bidding the projects. The bidding can be challenging because it’s a close system. Freelancers only need to pay after winning the project and completing it. vWorker charges a range from 6.5% to 15% of the final bid. At least a minimum fee of $3 will be imposed if the final bid is low. There are two types of payment employers can choose. Employers can choose to pay for the final contract or by the hour. Although pay by the hour is the best option as it’s cheaper and more flexible, freelancers need to gain trust from employer to choose this payment. That means freelancers need to be productive and delivered the finishing projects in time. Payments are done using the escrow account. Once the employer accepts the bid, money will be sent and held in the escrow account. The money will be release to freelancer once the project completed and delivered. PayPay is the best payment options especially for non-US users. Although there are other payments method like snail check, Western Union and bank wired, but still I prefer PayPal.

There is a rating system for freelancer worker and employer. If you have been working at vWorkerfor some time and has a good reputation, you’ll get lots of opportunities. Another money making opportunities provided by vWorker is the affiliate program. Whenever you refer a new employer who completes a project, you’ll make 1/3 of the profits. And if you make more than $500 as an affiliate and qualified in the Super Affiliate Program, you’ll make ½ of the profits. This sounds much more interesting than just bidding for the projects.




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2 Responses to “Money Making Opportunities at vWorker”

  1. George says:

    One of the best, oldest and most trusted places. I don’t know how many years, I am member there and how many jobs I have complete, as well I have hire some good workers too.

  2. handwriting life says:

    v worker is a nice plateform for freelancers,as i am also a freelancer so i understand the importance of payment, and v worker is taking the full guarantee of payment