Money Making Opportunities at V7 Network

Money making opportunities at V7 Network is simple. Basically publishers getting pay for including a simple text links on to their blog. Publishers can make around $10 per link. It’s a one-time fee for advertisers to purchase a link on your blog. The rules are actually very simple for publishers too. Publishers don’t have to write anything or do anything extra for the link sold. Publishers just have to find a place for the link anywhere in the blog and continue on with the daily normal blogging activity. As the link sold is a one-time fee, it stays permanently.

Sign up is free but only high quality blog will be accepted into V7 Contextual Links program. Number of outbound links, Google page rank, types of outbound links and Alexa rank will be review before getting accepted into the program. Payments are done via PayPal monthly. Publishers also need to sign up for the forum as that where you’ll find advertisers. Although you’re allowed to submit a total of 5 blogs but still you’ll have to wait for the approval.

V7 Contextual Links program seems like an easy money making opportunities but there is just one thing that I’m concern. I just worry about the impact which might affect the search engine ranking on my blog.

P/S: Try to make full use of the forum as there are lots more money making opportunities within other than just selling links.



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2 Responses to “Money Making Opportunities at V7 Network”

  1. Jason says:

    I am member for a couple of years there and I can say that this is probably one of the old places that have kept good reputation, the other competitor level and members have gone so low.

  2. Roger says:

    v7n marketplace and forums are great, one of the best SEO forum, I think it recently changed owners and there are a lot new improvements and features.