Money Making Opportunities at uTest by Testing Smartphone Software and Mobile Apps

mobile testing money making opportunities onlineThe most common mobile money making opportunities online which I heard about is designing and creating iPhone apps. If you are not a software designer or a programmer, this might not be a field that you can make money out of it. If you are a smartphone or mobile users, perhaps testing and reviewing smartphone software and mobile apps might just be suitable for you. You might be able to make some money to cover the phone bills or even earn enough for a new smartphone.

If you own an iPhone or iPad, uTest can provide the money making opportunities that you are looking for. Basically uTest offers a wide range of software testing and projects in terms of functional, security, loading, localization and usability. Sign up is FREE. Users are able to make some money by participating in uTest community and taking up testing assignments. Although registration might take some time, but once profile is created, users are free to find and join any interesting testing assignment available. In order to really make money at uTest, users have to participate in the community and build up their reputation. Each time when users report a bug, grading points and recommendations are rewarded. The higher grades or bug rates earned, the more money earn. Other than making money via testing out smartphone software and apps, users also have the opportunities to experience fist hand on smartphone lasted creation, invention and trends. Some of the smartphone software or apps might not hit the market yet and you already checking it out.

This is the kind of part time job which best suits for those who are already working as quality assurance or quality control. Users are able to make use of the skills, knowledge and experience which they gather from their full time job. This is also an advantage because users are able to out beat competitors to participate in the testing projects. Plus if you are that good, you will be specifically invited to participate in the testing assignments. When you are invited, you can be sure that you will be well paid.



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