Money Making Opportunities at Ukritic by writing Products Reviews

Ukritic is not a money making opportunities online website. It is actually a website which allows users to write reviews about products and services. Basically Ukritic provides a platform for users to promote products by allowing users to write simple honest reviews about the products. Users make money when viewers read the reviews and decided to make the purchase through the links from the reviews. Ukritic does not handle the products, payments and after sales services. The affiliate programs which sell the products or services will be handling everything including the sales commission. That means users will be pay by the affiliate programs. Some of the affiliate programs include Commission Junction, Link Share, ClickBank, Google Affiliate Network, Amazon, Share a Sale, Digital River, Plimus, and AvantLink. Sign up is FREE at Ukritic and so does joining all the above affiliate programs. Users can choose thousands of products and services from the above affiliate programs to write about. It is best to use the products or services and experience it personally before writing the reviews. But Ukritic allows users to research and study the products or services in detail and present the review like a product journalist. In this case users have to investigate the products and services carefully and write good reviews which help viewers make their choices.

Ukritic is suitable for those who likes to make money online via affiliate programs but does not own a site. As Ukritic is free to use, Google Adsense ads will be included within the reviews. I suppose this is how the site generates income to maintain the review platform. This is one drawback which might direct viewers to other sale pages instead of users own affiliate link page.



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