Money Making Opportunities at Twago for Freelancers

freelancing money making opportunitiesTwago is an online money making opportunities website just like Elance. It is a platform where entrepreneurs, small business owners and individuals looking to expert and talents. It is also a platform where freelancers, service providers and individuals looking for work and income. Basically this is the place where you can make money either full time or part time.

The name Twago has an interesting meaning that states “Teamwork Across Global Offices”. The site provides a platform which buyers and service provides gather for business deals. As companies around the world are cutting cost to gain maximum profits, this is the kind of website companies out sourcing for talents and skills. Although Twago concentrates mainly on German and Europe market, freelancers from all over the world still have the opportunities to get the jobs. There are basically two type of work available. Depending on the nature of the project, work can be categorized into fixed price projects and hourly paid projects. Sign up is FREE for basic membership. Members can upgrade their membership to Medium or Premium level but that will required monthly fees. The FREE basic membership entitles 5 free bids and needs to pay 7% of the amount of money earn form projects. The 7% of charges is acceptable but having only 5 bids per month is just not enough. In other words, FREE members have to be very careful when placing bids. It also means freelancers only get a maximum of 5 projects per month, if they are lucky to win all the bids. Payments are done via PayPal, Moneybookers or Bank Wire. Freelancers can withdraw money once the funds are release to Twago safePay account.

P/S: Twago is not as popular as Elance, but still it creates opportunities for freelancers to promote themselves and increases the chances of getting job. It is definitely worth placing your profile at Twago as it is FREE.



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