Money Making Opportunities at Translation Services USA

language translation money making opportunitiesTranslation Services USA was founded in 2002 specialized in different types of translation at legal, medical, technical, financial and many other fields. The company is located in New York City and their work of translation covers more than 150 languages. As their work of translation covers worldwide globally, the company is always in demand of freelance translator.

If you have a professional skill in financial, engineering, medical or legal and are fluent in few languages including English, perhaps you might be a suitable candidate for freelance translator. Although the freelance translator position is just for part time, I’m sure the money paid is still good. Once you’ve proved your ability to translate the work professionally and completed the projects in time, you’ll get more opportunities. The company is also looking for freelance writers and journalists besides part time freelance translators. The company is looking for a group of freelance bloggers to write about articles related to Web 2.0 technologies, languages and communications. If you’re interested in the position, drop them an email together with your resume. There are other positions available such as programming interns, PR/Marketing Interns, Sales Manager and Web Developer, but the jobs location is in New York. Be sure to read the instructions carefully before sending out your email application. There isn’t much information regarding the pay and how the freelance work is done. I suppose they will provide the details once you’re hired.

You may also apply for the affiliate program if you have a blog or website. The money making opportunities provided is simply by introducing customers to Translation Service USA. Banners are provided to place in your blog or website. Each successful customer who orders a translation will make you $20. Payments are done via PayPal monthly. Minimum payout is $50. Your blog or website will be review before accepted into the affiliate program.

P/S: I think Translation Services USA offers good part time job for those who are fluent in several languages. Currently if you’re good in English and Chinese language, you’ll stand a good chance in getting the translator job.



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  1. Dave says:

    This is a good opportunity not just for money making, but as well for companies that are searching for specialized translation. It is really difficult to find a good translation for health or legal niche websites.

  2. Sound Proud International says:

    There are a lit of opportunities to earn money online. If we only know how to find these opportunities then there are chances that you will get more income with your online job.

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