Money Making Opportunities at Textbroker

Basically Textbroker is a website that enables writers to make money being an author. That means you can sign up as an author at Textbroker and make money writing articles, essay and press release. Before I continue, I have to mention this first. Textbroker currently only employ US citizens and residents at the moment. So if you’re not in the category, you won’t be accepted as an author. By the way, please don’t try to trick the site by simply filling up as US resident. The site requires a copy of your scanned US ID to verify the information.

If you love writing and you’re a US citizens or residents than perhaps you can try out Textbroker. The requirement to become an author is simple. You don’t have to be a professional writer to participate. You just have to write in proper spelling and grammar. How well you write determines your earning. Your work will be rated accordingly. Basically the higher the rating you get, the higher chance you get orders. Your payment per words also increases. You may check out the quality and payment rates at Textbroker. Take for example if you gain 5 stars professional quality, you’ll earn about $25 per 500 words or approximately a one letter page. Besides that you may set your own price using DirectOrder system from Textbroker. This way customer can skip the OpenOrder system and deal with you directly. Still Textbroker will add a 30% commission to all DirectOrder and that will be reflected in customer’s final price.

Payments are done via PayPal. Minimum payment is set at $10 and is paid twice per month. Payments are done on 10th and 20th of each month. Any outstanding payment will roll over to the next payment date.

Well, for those that are not qualified to take on money making opportunities at Textbroker, don’t worry. There are lots of similar websites that are similar to Textbroker and accepting international writers. You may check out my Money Making Opportunities side bar for these websites.



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