Money Making Opportunities at Teliad by Selling Backlinks

teliad | Rank Better - Earn MoreThere are few money making opportunities online available at Teliad. Basically you can sell backlinks by placing text link, post link and blog post. The easiest method to make money at Teliad is placing text links. You can assign up to four different locations in your blog or website to sell text link. Post links are a bit difficult because your blog or website needs to have original high quality articles. Keywords in articles will be chosen as post links. And blog post is the most common method to make money at Teliad. You just have to compose or write sponsored reviews or articles with backlinks and post it in your blog or website.

Sign up is FREE. But you blog or website needs to meet certain value in order to accept into the market. Page rank, Alexa and the amount of traffic are some of the factors that determine the price of the backlink sells. There is a Ranking Check page which you can enter your URL and determine the RankingScore. The weight of the RankingScore will set the price of the backlink you sell. Or you can use the Price Check Calculator once you have sign in. If you have a good quality blog or website, you can actually make a lot of money at Teliad. You will be surprise at the price of the backlink set by the site. Payments are done via PayPal at the end of month. There are no fees or commissions involved. You can decide either to reject or accept the deal or the booking.

Another money making opportunities online provided by Teliad is the affiliate program. For each new backlink seller referred, you will receive a one-time payment of $30 after the seller generates a turnover of at least $15. For each new backlink buyer referred, you will receive a commission of 5% monthly invoice amount for one year. The earning from the affiliate program will be combined with the money you earn from selling backlinks.

P/S: I find that the price of the backlink is much higher than other similar website that sells textlink. You should consider Teliad if you are into selling backlinks as the paid is good.



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