Money Making Opportunities at TechGyo

Money Making Opportunities at TechGyo is simple. Well, it’s actually a guest posing job which allows blogger or writer to make some extra money. I don’t suppose you can make a lot of money by guest posting but it’s the traffic, backlinks and reaching out for new audiences that counts. You’ll surely gain a lot more than just money by guest posting. Plus, most blogs does not pay for guest posting.

As a start you need to register a free account to start writing. You don’t need a blog or website to start out, but still I would suggest getting your own blog first. Making money solely by guest posting will not make you a lot of money and definitely will not get you further. Having your own blog gives additional money making opportunities because you’re able to lead audiences to your own blog by setting up backlinks when guest posting. Plus you can guest posting for multiple blogs or websites to draw additional traffic and new audiences.

Basically you make money from TechGyo 100% Adsense revenue sharing program. Writers need to submit Adsense id and ad slot id so that Adsense blocks can appear on the articles posted. The Adsense ads will be running 100% on your own articles with own Adsense publisher id. That means you’ll earn 100% of the money from your own articles. There are also other rewards and prizes you can win like $500 SEO services, $40 ad slots and many more.

Just like any other guest posting blogs or websites, you just focus on producing good quality content. Leave the promoting part for others to take care. The only thing you need to take care is to make sure you follow the guidelines correctly and write according to the topics.



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